Saturday, June 1, 2013

BBQ & Cruise

Had a great time last night with the NSOC with a KILLER showing of Subaru-ness at local weekly car show.  After destroying some fantastic tasting BBQ, we rounded up those rumbling boxers into a cruise that I led that wrapped around a portion of the Platte River.  It's a nice easy route and it was only about a mile or two south of where we were eating, so it worked out great for everyone.

Pretty nice assortment of Subies at the cruise too!  The usual newer-model WRX and WRX STi showing with a few 2nd Gen Bugeyes, Hawkeyes, even a Legacy GT.  I had fun taking a few pictures (as I always do) and handed the camera over to my shotgun-riding buddy while I led the rest of the cruise route.

We enjoyed beautiful weather that evening, too!  For a week that had dumped rain on the area literally every day of the week, it was dry, sunny, and PLENTY green outdoors!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have another cruise route to plot out!

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