Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and everything in-between to all my readers, fellow Subaru owners, and friends I've made along the way!

Whatever you celebrate, may it be a wonderful and special time for you and yours.  We are all so lucky to be part of and to contribute to this great community.  The year-round support is something to treasure.

So, as you celebrate this holiday season, remember that it's more than just enjoying these great cars.  It's about the friends you make at events.  It's about the advice and expertise of the community you're part of.  It's all these things that make this so fulfilling and satisfying!

Happy Holidays, from All We'll Drive!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Two Seasons of Launch Control!

On April 17th of 2013, Formula Photographic ponied up with the Subaru Rally and Rallycross Teams to create a series highlighting two sides of a similar coin.  On one side, the coverage of competition in the RallyAmerica series that Subaru has been strong in for several years.  On the other side, a newer program battling through the growing sport of Global Rallycross.  At the heart of all of it: Vermont Sportscar, some WRX STIs, and a handful of drivers, mechanics, engineers, and other team members fighting for the top-spot of the podium.  This... is Launch Control.

The series just completed it's second season, covering the trials and tribulations during the 2014 series.  I've been linking them since April 17th to this page as each one has been released on YouTube, and for good reason.  Launch Control has done a fantastic job capturing the details you can't get from reading the times off of the stages that David Higgins and Craig Drew just blew through.  The heart and soul of both of these teams that they put into their work has been etched into this series from day one, arranged with gratuitous amounts of slow-motion rally cars getting sideways and slinging mud everywhere.  What's not to like?

Launch Control has done a lot for the fanbase of enthusiasts, but it has also shed light on an often overlooked sport in the United States.  By making the series free to watch on YouTube, they've made it accessible to a huge audience.  It's an addictive show to watch, too.  You would think the drama is scripted the way things play out sometimes, so it's exciting and engaging for both veterans and newbies to the sport of Rally and Rallycross.  The first season also made it to BluRay so folks can take the action to their living room.  I know I've had friends over for "Rally Movie Night" where we share great films with flying dirt.  Exposure for rally is important to help it grow for fans and drivers alike, so it's encouraging to see a series like this out there.

I have no doubts that a 3rd Season is on the way for Spring of 2015, as Launch Control has been well received as it grows.  Subaru's Rally programs have also been growing, both with it's drivers and the machines they pilot.  Vermont Sportscar has a lot of fun ahead of them with the new WRX design, Travis Pastrana has made a fantastic return to the sport, Bucky Lasek has become a very capable driver, there's a lot on the up.  There's also a lot of good that will continue with the teams as David Higgins continues to dominate the field, Sverre brings his Rallycross expertise to the track, and a fantastic team behind them to keep the cars fighting for the podium at each event.

If you've missed it, need to finish up, or just want to watch those episodes again, they're all here on my blog and Subaru's YouTube page.