Saturday, June 15, 2013

June Storm Chasing

This fun storm kinda came out of nowhere and moved quickly!  Thanks to my fiance's smartphone and my Impreza's nimble handling, we were able to navigate around quickly to find some great spots to take some fantastic photos!  The storm rolled in over the Omaha area but stretched as far south as Nebraska City.  We were in Bellevue and headed south to Plattsmouth, then back again.

Originally, our plans were to go see the fireworks at the College World Series' opening ceremony downtown.  However, dark stormclouds were too inciting to pass up.  It was nearing sunset, so it was difficult at first to get any shots of the active cells tossing lightning about overhead.  Our first stop was in a church parking lot that faced the southern edge of the storm.  Bolts cracked through the edge of the storm as a huge curtain of black followed.

I'm still quite the n00b when it comes to photography, so it took a little while to fine tune what I was doing.  Lightning bolts were all over the place, so it was tough to find one spot just to sit out and wait for the best ones.  I think we did a good job nabbing some nice looking ones.

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