Friday, June 28, 2013

Russ' Garage

When I discovered the Subaru Community here in Omaha, I simultaneously discovered the great respect and praise nearly everyone here had for a certain shop in town for work on these cars: Russ' Garage.  At first, I just wanted to visit the shop to say "hi" and see what all the hoopla was about.  I had just gotten my car and didn't really need anything done at the time, but right off the bat, EmJay and Russ were friendly, helpful, and full of all kinds of advice and knowledge to share on these cars.

As the miles piled up on my Impreza and time grew near to do an oil change, Russ made time in-between projects to put my car up on a lift and change it out.  I had brought out my own oil (0W-20 still isn't very common) and they replaced the oil filter.  While we changed the oil, Russ was giving me quite the rundown of  where parts were located, how they worked together, and noticing things on my new engine design that were different from the older models they frequently work on.  I had a great time, learned a TON, and got more creative juices flowing as I thought about ways I could make my Subaru MINE... and if Russ' Garage could help!

Since the initial meeting and that first oil change, I've enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the great folks at RG.  Not just Russ and EmJay, but everyone who works there, folks who have work done through them, and of course their adorable shop dog!  In turn, they've also been supportive of what I do at the dealership.  I refer services to customers needing modifications and custom work done to their cars and they refer customers looking for new vehicles to me.  I've brought them some interesting ideas and they've always been supportive, enthusiastic, informative, and incredibly skilled.  I'll post more project details on the more extensive mods they've helped me accomplish, but across the board... I can't say enough good things about how fantastic it has been and continues to be when I get the opportunity to work with them!

Russ' Garage Website
Russ' Garage Facebook Page

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