Monday, June 17, 2013

Phenomenon's Legacy

This was my first car that I sold to a very good friend of mine.  It's a 2013 Subaru Legacy 2.5i with a 6 speed manual transmission.  He goes by "Phenomenon" on forums, so I thought I'd share some recent photos of his ride on here.  Every now and then he swings by the dealership to say hi, talk cars with us, and then I usually run his car through the wash.  Took some photos after it was freshly detailed in our service drive.

We've done just a few aesthetic things to it since he got it in September of 2012.  The most obvious change would be the wheels, which are '05 WRX wheels that have been powdercoated charcoal.  It's actually kind of a funny story.  Originally, I had bought these wheels to put on my Impreza.  I had sent them to Lincoln to powdercoat and, while I was waiting for those, a friend let me borrow a set of 2011 WRX wheels.  I fell in love with that look so, after tracking down a pair of THOSE to put on my car, I thought "well what the heck am I gonna do with the '05 wheels now?"  They were already powdercoated and ready to go.  Phenomenon's car had 16 inch steel wheels on there, so we decided to keep the stock Turanza's on there and swap out the steelies for the '05 WRX wheels.  They looked great and he's had 'em on there since then.

Like me, Phenomenon has more extensive future plans for his Legacy.  Some are quite lofty, others are more reasonable (much like MY plans).  He's been active with the Nebraska Subaru Owners Club for meets and events and helps run cruises and take photos during routes.  Often times he'll ride shotgun with me and take pictures from out the window while we're running around.

He's also helped me start up the "Growlers", which I'll touch on in another post eventually.  It explains the wolf logo on the rear panel of his Legacy (and the ones in my rear windows, too).  It's always great having friends like him to tag along with at events around the area and I take great pride in the fact that his car was the first I rolled off the lot!

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