Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weekly Wednesday Wheels

Seems like every Wednesday around 6pm, the dealership I work at gets surrounded by all kinds of noisy cars.  Wastegates chirping, engines revving, and exhaust growling... oh wait.  I invited all these folks here!

The Nebraska Subaru Owners Club has a Weekly Meet at J-Birds Food & Spirits (96th & Giles) every Wednesday at 7pm.  I thought it might be fun to invite them to "Pre-Meet" up at my dealership a 6 so they can cruise down together, show off their Subaru pride along the way, and then chow down and drink up at J-Birds.  Without fail, each week we get to see some of the coolest Subarus show up, chat for a bit, and then roll out together.  WRX, Legacy GT, BRZ, Forester XT, even an SVX occasionally, they're all here!

On the one hand, it's nice to have a little driving time with fellow enthusiasts before heading over to J-Birds.  It's also a great opportunity for our sales staff here at the dealership to connect and get to know these guys a little better, something I've wanted to strengthen since I started here at the dealership in September of 2012.  Sometimes when a customer comes in looking for something rare like a WRX or BRZ, if we don't have 'em in stock, we recommend they come Wednesday around 6pm to see them along with their owners.  It's a unique opportunity that really seems to benefit everyone.

After we've rounded everyone up, the Subarus line up and head on over to J-Birds for great food and wonderful service.  The staff there have always been great to work with and often we've used the area for other events outside of our Weekly Meets.  Once folks have eaten their fill inside, they head back out, talk cars, and then disperse from there.  It's really a great way to get to know people in the group and get a feel for what's important to core enthusiasts.  My first exposure to the NSOC was at a Weekly Meet that a friend invited to me long before I ever even OWNED a Subaru, and it's been great ever since!

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