Tuesday, July 21, 2015

RS Revival: Rally Livery

It's still not complete, but this 2.5 RS never really will be so long as I own it.  That's the thing with projects like this... but that's also what makes it fun.  The ideas keep flowing and the bar keeps getting higher.  However, there are certain stops along the way where you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  In this case, it's the first time this car has looked good in awhile.  The "Rally Livery" actually makes this car look like it's right out of a Special Stage in the Rally America National Championship.  ...okay well maybe not THAT convincing, but there's something special about the car right now.

When I took it to work today, I had compliments from co-workers who have watched this car transform from a rusty bucket to a work-in-progress to something that's noteworthy.  Not only that, but two customers at work asked to take a closer look at it in the parking lot.  One of them even took a picture of it and sent it to his friend.  "He's gonna love this!"

I love it, too!  Not so much the attention.  That's just a nice after-effect.  But having the car in this state right now makes me smile ear to ear.  It's funny how this change that isn't even performance enhancing is making the car that much more satisfying to drive.  I can't see the outside of the car when I'm driving, but since I KNOW it looks good, I'm proud to be  out and about.

This new "Rally Livery" features the logos for parts that make this RS work the way it does.  They're not on for show or in a sticker-bomb fashion.  Each represents a piece working together with the others to make this a great little rallycross car and I'm proud to "fly their banner" wherever I drive.  Some are also lesser-known brands, so I hope this car acts as good exposure for them as I take it to meets, races, and other events.  Just as there is still space on the sides for more, there's also still room for more improvement.  As I said from the start, this car will never really be completed as long as I own it, but it's certainly making it fun!

Today, as I took a minute to be proud of the work done thus far, I decided to take a look at everything that has gone into this project since it's start in 2013.  Here's a short video covering all the repairs and improvements made just under two years so far.

There's more in store for this car.  Not just for looks, but for wringing out more performance.  By October, I'm hoping to have this car prepped and ready to kick ass at the next NRSCCA Rallycross event!  Got some time to get it there and more room to improve!  Still, I'll probably take a little vacation from the busywork for a week or two and just enjoy the car as it sits.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

RS Revival: Livery Progress

It's been performing like a rally car for awhile.  Now this RS Revival is starting to look the part!  With body work finished up on this 2.5 RS Coupe, the vinyl rally livery is starting to take shape and make it to the car.  Parts of this were completed before the rallycross a month ago, but the big parts are finally done.  The dark gray vinyl stretches from the side marker lights on the front fenders to the edge of the rear bumper.  This design strategically covers the repaired portions of the body in an asymmetrical to both sides.

It took awhile to get it completed as we had run out of vinyl to use about halfway through the application over a holiday weekend.  The major portions were recently completed and now the "sponsors" are making their way onto the car.  Obvious accolades to this blog that I run plus Nebraska-Subaru logos to support our local group.  Other upgraded parts that are on the car will make their way to the car as well.  GrimmSpeed, Perrin, Primitive Racing, STI, Whiteline, Gorilla, and others will make their way to the gray rear quarter panels in white font.  The upper portion of the fender will eventually adorn a large Subaru logo.  There are also emblems for the SCCA and an additional Nebraska Subaru log on the front fenders.

They white-on-gray look happened to remind me of the apparel that Subaru Rally Team USA uses right now, so I may toss some blue in there to complete that sort of look if I can find the right shade.  Otherwise, the Silver/Gray/White look will do just fine.

I'm really happy that this car is starting to look as good as it has been performing.  While adding vinyl to a car has not yet been proven to boost horsepower, it's certainly putting a smile on my face!

The Twenty Two Dream

It's inevitable.  Every car guy (or girl) has a "dream car" that they have pinned inside their garage.  Some love American Muscle from simpler times.  Some go weak in the knees for European Supercars.  Some have that incredibly rare import car that they only made a handful of and are impossible to find.  Yup, you guessed it.  I fall into that last category.

For me, the dream car is a 1998 Subaru Impreza 22B: the widebody rally car for the street built as a celebration car in limited numbers.  With a closed-deck 2.2 liter turbocharged flat four at it's core, boasting a wider stance to make better use of the limited slip differentials supplying power to four gold BBS wheels, in a light and nimble chassis, it's a far cry from the 1st Generation Impreza Coupe that it's built around.  There are reviews upon articles upon videos covering this iconic car all over the internet... so instead of adding to that growing list, I thought I'd explain why I should never have one.