Friday, June 7, 2013

Sharing the Wheel

It seems like since I got my Impreza, Subaru fever has caught on with many of my friends and family.  My fiance is even interested in one, so I decided to go on a bit of a road trip with her.  Whenever I take a corner a little too quickly, she gets nervous.  I figured it's not because she's a wimp, but rather that she's not used to the control you can get from AWD and a lower center of gravity.  We drove out to my favorite road just south of Blair, NE.  After a quick Chinese Fire Drill, she was in the drivers seat.  I wanted her to feel confident behind the wheel so, the next time I took a corner with a little more gusto than she's used to, she'd know the car could handle it.

Turns out not only did she have a good time, but she got a little greedy and kept driving!  The route has plenty of twists and turns and, once she was comfortable with it, I started giving her a few tips for approaching corners and such.  After dodging a gigantic turtle and a few more corners, she turned the wheel back over to me and we headed back into town.  I think she's ready for a Subaru, now.

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