Saturday, June 8, 2013

Night Light Trails

Last night my fiance and I decided to go stargazing, so we found a nice spot just west of Springfield to set up and admire the clear sky.  Far enough away to escape most of the light pollution from the city, we managed to get some cool pictures too.

We tried out some different long-exposure shots and messed around with some other settings on my Canon Rebel T1i.  Just using a stock lens and a Wal-Mart tripod, we were able to get some nifty night photos.  Playing with light in the absence of light has been something I've enjoyed recently.

The picture on the left is using the "Bulb" capture function.  My awesome fiance drove my car while I set up the camera and watched her abandon me in the middle of a cornfield.  T'was fun, not to mention interesting watching my own car drive away.  I don't often get the chance to actually see my car driven from the outside!
Managed to get a pretty cool shot with my Impreza while I was at it.  I really need to get the Side Skirts installed on it, but every time I've got a day off, I'm busy getting other things together.  I'd really like to get that finished up soon, as I've had the parts for well over a month.

Regardless, it was a fun night and it was good to get a few good Subaru shots in there as well.

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