Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Route Searching

Of all the stuff I do with Subarus, from meeting people, selling cars, working on my car, etc... I would have to say I enjoy cruising on fun roads the best.  I'm a fan of those yellow signs with a curvy arrow on 'em, as it's usually a sign of a good time soon to come.  The adventure of FINDING new roads is probably my favorite part of cruising in general, and I do a lot of exploring on local roads, highways, and byways to find routes that'd be fun to plot out a good cruise route on.  Having a CVT means I get better gas mileage too, so I can afford to make a wrong turn here and there trying to work the errors out of a potential route, so I'm not getting punished at the Gas Pump in my adventures.

The majority of the routes I find are in rural portions of the state.  I try to keep as close to the Omaha Metro area as possible to make possible events with these routes more accessible to other local Subaru owners.  I've found quite a few roads north of here, between Fort Calhoun and Blair, that weave through the Ponca Hills area.  There's also some great roads just over the river in Iowa along the Loess Hills Byway.  I've found bits and pieces West and South from the Omaha Metro too, but stringing them together into one cruise route is a little more difficult.  On top of that, I try to make sure I find routes that can be pieced together without too many road changes and to keep away from gravel and dirt roads.  While I enjoy a romp through the mud, sometimes there are Garage Queens in my midst on cruises.  I wouldn't want to upset them hitting some not-so-clean roads.

Many times I'll use the dealership as a launching point for cruises.  Our location is right off the interstate, so it's easy to get to wherever we need to go for the route.  On the one hand, it's nice and easy for me to go from work directly into leading a line of Subarus into a cruise route.  On the other, it's nice to see a showing of Subaru Pride at the dealership.  Plus, with WRXs being so sought-after and tough to find at local dealerships due to their high demand, sometimes it offers an opportunity to show a customer what they're like.

I'll be sharing a few of my favorite routes in the next couple of posts for anyone who's interested in taking 'em for a spin.  Whether you're with a group of Subarus or just out for a solo cruise, these roads will be sure to make you and your car happy.

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