Monday, June 10, 2013

Double Trouble!

Had a cruise this weekend with two lookalike BRZs in attendance!  Both white, and even the owners had the same first name!  I know both of 'em personally, good guys.  It's just funny to see two Satin White Pearl BRZs in one cruise, ya know?

We had a good time, hugging turns that weaved through some nice scenic parts north of Omaha.  We met at my dealership, cruised up past the North Omaha Airport into Fort Calhoun, through some superfun roads into Blair, and then back.  They really are some of my favorite roads in the area, so I take whatever excuse I can to head up there.  Most of the folks had been on some of those routes, but I showed 'em a few new ones I managed to work in.

It's a much more extensive route that I usually do, but we had time and folks seemed up to it.  One of our guys in an '04 STi is making the switch to E85, so he had some 91 he wanted to burn off which helped fuel the idea to go for a longer route than usual.  The route took us about an hour and a half to complete.  This route pretty much covers all of my favorite roads in this area.  There's one REALLY fun branch that's a "one way trip" for us because it ends up turning into gravel, so we turn back around and hit the highway again.  It's worth the small detour, as many of our drivers will attest to.

This route, when combined with an Iowa route that I also have, is pretty much the longest continuous cruise route that I have plotted out.  Maybe someday I'll find a group brave enough to do both the Iowa and Nebraska side in their entirety!  I'm tempted to map it out someday just to show how crazy I can get with cruise routes when they're all linked together!

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