Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Northern Run #1

This is a route I've recently put together that combines some of my favorite roads with a few new ones I've managed to find.  It's not quite as smooth of a route (turn-wise) as others that I've planned, but it ties in a few tidbits of routes that in general were tough to integrate into their own routes.

It starts off at the North Omaha Airport, which is just off of the 72nd St exit for I-680.  Hang a left on Omaha Trace Rd and then wrap that along the top of some rolling hills all the way up to Fort Calhoun, NE.  A short drive through their "downtown" area and then you're back on the "fun" roads through more rolling hills.  The route works it's way south through some back roads, all still paved, onto 133.  Just when you thought the route was over, there's just a little bit of Bennington Rd through some more country roads, and then back out to 133 via State St that finish it out.

Like I said, there's a few more fragmented turns in this than I'd normally like, so this cruise route tends to work better with smaller groups, as it can be easy to lose parts of the group at the tail end of the route.  Other than that, it's convenient for most Omaha-based drivers to get to and there's some nice spots in there that would lend themselves well to a few sunset photos, too!

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