Friday, May 31, 2013

Family of 'Roos

Yesterday was just another prime example of why you can't just have ONE Subaru in the family.  Myself and two friends drove to my fiance's apartment to help her move out.  I would've normally just taken my Impreza, but we needed a bit more space, so I traded with my mom for the day.  She's got a 2013 Outback, so we folded down the seats and hauled a bunch of boxes back home with it while she borrowed my Impreza.

My family has always been pretty close-knit to begin with, and I kind of have to thank mom for getting our family hooked on All Wheel Drive.  In 2003, we were still a Toyota family.  Dad had a Celica, I had a 4 Runner, and she had just gotten a 2003 Toyota Matrix.  This little AWD beast earned the nickname "Lil Tank" for it's impressive performance in the snow despite it's small size.  It didn't get the best gas mileage, but it really made us appreciate AWD.  We would always borrow mom's car on snow days.  As a teacher, she didn't have to go into work on snow days, so we'd take the Lil Tank out and dominate the snow.

We've all got Subarus now, so we don't really need to borrow each others cars for driving through snow, but it is still nice to be able to retain the confidence you get from an AWD vehicle and get your pick of shape and size.

I like to think that both my parents own Subaru's because they support me at my job, but it also shows how we're all on the same page.  There are values and ideas that tie us together and it's no wonder that the Pleiades constellation represents unity.

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