Monday, June 3, 2013


In just over a year, I've managed to go on some fun adventures with my Subaru.  All those curvy-swervy roads around the area, local and state parks, and pretty much any excuse I can figure to drive my car have amounted to over 21k Miles on my car since I purchased it in 2012.  My companion and soon-to-be-wife has been alongside me for many of these miles.  

I have also accumulated many miles FINDING fun roads to traverse with the Nebraska Subaru Owners Club (NSOC).  Not only have I attended events and meetings with this group, but I've also organized many cruises myself.  I'm always trying to find new and exciting routes to take with my Subaru-loving buddies and enjoy their company as well.  Nothing makes me more proud to drive a Subaru than looking in my rear-view mirror to see a line of Subies!

In the coming days, I'll go over some of my favorite cruise routes I've taken with the NSOC, sharing a few roads and byways I've managed to find in the area!

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