Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Playground

I'm always looking for some new road with some fun turns to lean into with my Subaru, but I didn't expect to find a road quite this... "new".  No concrete, asphalt, or even gravel to speak of.  Just a paved line of earth in the middle of nowhere.  Judging from the random pieces of  equipment I passed as I explored the area, it's likely a new development getting dug into the hillside.  I probably shouldn't have been there, but on a quiet Sunday morning, it seemed too good of an opportunity to pass up.

I happened to be in the project car, which made it that much more interesting.  The RS was made for this kind of stuff, although the lack of any sort of good suspension made things a little interesting.  I suppose it'll make me appreciate the new suspension going on later this week even more.

Eventually the road will get paved and this little slice of rally heaven will be but a thing of the past.  It was still nice to enjoy it while it was still a blank canvas waiting for some adventurous wheels to paint a few strokes on it.

I took a few photos of the landscape so, in a couple years, I can come back and see what it turned out to be.  Maybe, by then, this project car will be different too.

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