Friday, September 6, 2013

Aki's GC4

This car belongs to a good friend of mine I met through the Nebraska Subaru Owners Club.  He goes by the handle "Aki" and is quite the Autocross/Rallycross driver.  Aki is the proud owner of two rally-bred Subarus, but his Impreza L always caught my eye just a tad more.  What can I say?  It's a double threat to me.  The 1st Gen designs are some of my favorite for the Impreza and, for some reason, I've always been partial to Silver.  I can't imagine why!

Earlier this summer, Aki was kind enough to scoot me around the track in his GC4.  He's done a lot of awesome work to it and this vehicle's slow and steady build progress pretty much capped off later in the season.  The car has been through it's paces through years of AutoX and Rally X with the SCCA since 2010.  Both the car and driver have clearly grown and improved through practice and adjustments to equipment and technique.

However, things turned for the worse thanks to a Cadillac that thought the red light was optional.  Unfortunately, this is likely the end of the road for the GC4.  On the up-side, Aki still has a BC7 Legacy that is also purpose-built for motorsports.  He also has some excellent parts he can salvage from the GC4 that should find good homes and continue the great career this car had before.

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