Wednesday, September 18, 2013

RS Revival - Update #2

You wouldn't think a simple windshield replacement would be a hassle, but throw in a bad seal that has let water into the frame for the past couple years or so, and you've got yourself a potentially expensive problem.  Especially on a Unibody design, like the 1st Generation Impreza, there's a lot of structural integrity that goes into the windshield and the surrounding frame on it.  When the old cracked windshield was removed, there was quite a bit of work to be done, but nothing that would give a death sentence to the car.
This is where the community surrounding this vehicle comes in handy.  Like every other need this car has, there's an answer somewhere in the vast sea of knowledge waiting to be tapped into.  Mix in a Wire Wheel, some Safety Goggles, POR15 sealant, and a dry place to work while it rains, and you've got a solid solution to continue saving this RS.  Most of the rust was only a little ways in, but there were some portions, likely where it had started, that were pitted a bit from the rust eating its way through.  After the meticulous grinding to the windshield frame and the coat of POR 15 to starve any existing rust of the oxygen it needs, it was ready for a new piece of glass.

The windshield went in without a problem.  The upper trim piece was replaced as well, to further help protect the work that went into this and finish it off nicely.  With the new windshield in, the RS is driveable again!  In the short week-and-a-half this car has changed hands, the progress has been steady and positive as the major issues are tackled one by one.

Suspension is still toast on the RS Coupe, not to mention the front drivers seat is in about the same condition, so those are likely the next two pieces to be addressed with this project.  Body-wise, it still looks a lot like the same car from when it started out, but the changes made to the car are noticeable behind the wheel.  Hopefully everyone who's pitched in so far gets a chance to appreciate their contributions to this car, which has really become quite the group effort.  The motor and transmission may be fine, but it's the folks who work on this car that drive the project forward!

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