Thursday, September 19, 2013

Little Car, Big Space! - '12 Impreza Hatcback

One of the driving forces that led me to pursue the Impreza back in March of 2012 was the option for a Hatchback model.  The ability to still have a small nimble car with the ease of loading stuff in and out of the back made the 5-Door version of Subaru's smallest car quite the contender.  Throw in Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive that still gets me 36 mpg highway and the Impreza pretty much sold itself.

This week, I'm reminded why I love the Hatchback model.  My fiance is headed to Lincoln tomorrow and, among her plans, we're picking up a lawn mower for our new home.  Not only will she have no problems getting to-and-from Lincoln thanks to the great gas mileage and ride, but she'll be able to fold down the seats and load up the mower without an issue.  It's the combination of form and function that always make me appreciate this car. It looks great, it doesn't burn a hole in my wallet for gas, and it can haul quite a bit of whatever you need.

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