Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunsets and Stargazing

My Fiance and I had some fun with our Subarus under the painted sky and starlit night.  The sunset photos were taken south of Gretna, NE.  I stumbled across another sun-chasing Subaru along the way.  The nice lady in the Forester gave me a wave upon discovering we were both enjoying the same view.  I thought the sunset was over, but as I continued to run around on some gravel roads, I couldn't help but notice Mother Nature had one last hurrah for the view.

I returned home and made some dinner for my fiance once she got back from work.  We decided to go stargazing and took her Outback sedan away from the city to escape the light pollution.  With the camera in tow, we took some long-exposure photos of the skies above.  While we did stage this photo, it kind of captured a bit of a unique moment.  Although it passed too high for the camera to catch, we both managed to see a shooting star as we stood up on the ridge waiting for the shutter on my camera to close.  T'was a nice evening!

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