Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 was fun!

Taking a quick minute to look back on 2013 as far as the Subaru-side of my world is concerned.  Whether it was something new for Subaru as a company or something I personally did, the Pleiades Star Cluster was certainly a big part of this year for me.

Subaru started off the year showing off the 2014 Subaru Forester and I got to take a close peek at it at the Midlands International Auto Show.  Never imagined that a couple months later it would be in my own family.  My dad purchased a Forester 2.5i Touring with EyeSight and has been singing it's praises to friends and coworkers ever since.  It's been fun seeing my loved ones catch the Subaru fever!  Later on, the Forester got MotorTrend's SUV of the year, so it felt good to know we had made the right call even before the award was given to it.

During the summer, my fiance got a 2004 Subaru Outback Sedan H6 that will become part of our family when we get married in May of '14.  She's been having fun with that car and I'm so proud to have found this little monster sedan for her!  We've named it "Agnes" and it's been a great reliable car for us.  I've been helping with maintenance on it as I continue to learn my way around Subarus, so it's been an enjoyable experience for both of us.  Her dad (my future father-in-law) got a '14 Legacy, too... so both of our families have these great vehicles.  It's really beginning to look like "All We'll Drive".  When our families get together, it's like a big Subaru Meet every time and it makes me incredibly proud.

Had some fun with my own cars over the summer, too.  With some help (well, a lot of help) from my good friend James, I was able to get Side Skirts installed on my base-model Hatchback.  Didn't think it was doable until he planted that seed in my brain and we got to it.  Installed the Rally Armors on there, too... so we had a good ol' time.  James was also a coworker of mine for a few months at my dealership, so it was fun bouncing ideas off him about Subarus.  He's since become a Service Advisor, but that doesn't change much other than that I don't get to see him every day.  It's just a continuing trend of the great people I've met as a result of owning these cars.

Speaking of great people, we had some REALLY fun events this year with the Nebraska Subaru Owners Club.  From the Gravel Express route to the Fall Meet, there were lots of great opportunities to get out and drive with friends.  I always look forward to the weekly meets here at my dealership and continue planning bigger events for folks to enjoy.

2013 also marked the start of a fun project: a 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS Coupe.  It was in need of some serious TLC and I was happy to help.  We've been getting friends together to work on it from it's initial cleanup and into it's suspension work, interior replacement, and addressing the many issues caused by neglect, it's been a fun project to be a part of.  It's been adopted by my driveway, filling in the empty bay next to my garage at home and I've been learning a lot about driving this Rally Car on gravel and dirt, too.

We also got some exciting news in the Subaru World for next year.  At the LA Auto Show in November, Subaru unveiled the 2015 Subaru WRX that will be getting a '14 release.  Many spy photos, renderings, and concept car images had been teasing fans about the future of this icon for Subaru Enthusiasts, so it was great getting confirmation of this car.  While some may still have their doubts, I'm personally stoked for this car, especially after seeing the Driving Sports TV review of this and hearing the praises he had about the car's handling and responsiveness.

All in all, it's been a great year for me... and Subaru has certainly been a big part of it.  Subaru has had a great year for sales, continuing to meet and exceed the needs of their customers and turning heads with their award-winning designs.  Whether I was meeting new friends or drooling over the next generation of the WRX, Subaru made this year a lot of fun for me.  I'm happy to work for them, proud to have my family drive them, and enjoying every mile!  And 2014 looks to continue that trend!!  Happy New Year, everyone!  See you next year!

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