Monday, July 8, 2013

New to the Family!

My fiance just got her first Subaru: a 2004 Outback Sedan H6 3.0!  It's an awesome car, in great shape, and it's only got 86k miles on it, so we're both happy to add this Subie to our family.  It's also the fanciest car she's had.  Leather, Sunroof, Heated Seats, it's fancier than MY car by a long shot!  It will also be a fun project car as there's bound to be more work in store for this car than my new Impreza, though it doesn't look like it needs much to begin with!  Either way, I'm fortunate to have a great Subaru community at my fingertips, even just a phone call away, being here in Nebraska.  The NSOC is a wonderful resource that I plan to utilize to it's fullest!

While I do have plenty of help available, I don't expect to need it very soon.  The car is solid, top to bottom.  No accidents, solid construction, interior is in fantastic condition, and it's got that H6 3.0 that Subaru did so well with.

I know she's excited to have this car, but the enthusiast in me is ecstatic about A: having this car in our family and B: having the opportunity to work on it!  It's a neat lil' beast with that H6 at it's core and I've always been partial to this generation's design in the first place.  Big beefy foglights, the black/chrome headlights (that I can probably clean up), the cladding on the side that makes it look a little tougher, it's a great looking car.  Although we're still not quite sure what color it is!

One of my favorite features of it is the WeatherBand Radio!  You don't see those anymore on cars and, especially for the storm-chaser in me, having 24/7 access to local weather reports is handy.  That, and those computerized voices are funny to listen to sometimes!  This is also kind of a rare feature, but there's the option for "OnStar", a GM-based service.  Between 1999 and 2005, General Motors owned 20% of the company, so having that system in there is kind of interesting.  Probably something we'll never use, but it's nifty to have it.

Regardless, it's a solid car as-is.  There's stuff I'll learn as I perform routine maintenance on it, but in general I'm just really proud that we'll start off being "Mr. & Mrs." with two great Subarus!

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