RS Revival


This is a 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS Coupe that's been given a second chance.  When it was purchased, this RS had a lengthy list of needs that, one by one, have been getting tackled with the help and support of local Subaru owners and enthusiasts.  Below is a list of links showing the steady progress made on the RS in chronological order.

RS Revival - You've gotta start somewhere!
Update #1 - A long to-do list is compiled and work begins promptly
Update #2 - Repairing the rust around the frame of the front windshield
Update #3 - KYB Suspension all around plus STi Exhaust
One Month Later - A quick look back as well as the long road ahead
Digging In - Cylinder #4 is holding a mere 20% Compression
Puzzle Pieces - Gorilla TMCAI and Primitive Skid Plates
Control Arms - JDM STi Control Arms make their way under the car
Stitching it Up - Addressing structural concerns in the body, fixing rust
Kouki Headlights - Replaced broken headlights & corner lights
Derustification - Rear Cross Member repairs
June Bugs - Plans for Rallycross preparation
The Good, The Bad, and the Rusted - Front and rear end uncovered to reveal the worst of it
No More Black Bumper - New paint adorns the front end
Weekend Work - Floorboard Hole patched, Version 6 STI interior & new carpet!
Motor Swap! - We remove the tired 2.5L for one that's been freshened up a bit!
One Year Later - Transformation
Rear Quarter Progress - It is what it is!
Sealed Up! - Rear Quarter Panels have been welded and closed up!
Gorilla TMCAI - Reviewing this equipment over the year it's been in use
Butt Beautiful - JDM Tail Lights and more Quarter Panel tweaks

Phase II 2.5 L 4 cylinder aluminum alloy 16 valve SOHC boxer engine.
Sequential muliti-port Fuel injection, Distributorless ignition
Horsepower: 165 @ 5600 pm Torque: 166 @ 4000 rpm 30,000 mile
Variable assist engine speed sensing rack and pinion
Front: 10.7" vented disc with dual caliper pistons,
rear:10.5" solid disc
4 channel ABS 

There's also a Flickr set with all current photos of the RS covering it's repairs, modifications, and general hooning-ness.
Photo Gallery 2000 Impreza 2.5 RS

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