Monday, February 3, 2014

Gravelhog Day

That rodent told us we're in for a longer winter, so we went out and tore up some snow & gravel before Superbowl Sunday's kickoff.  We had a '99 RS from Sioux City, a '96 Legacy Wagon that belongs to a technician where I work, and the RS Project car out hooning about for several hours of fun.  Due to the recent snow, dust levels were relatively low, so instead of running the event like a Stage Rally like we had before, we just left some space between the cars and did it together.

Previously I had the RS up on jack stands working on it's suspension and making repairs to the drivers-side fender... but I really wanted to spin this thing around the gravel.  So I buttoned it up with some Zip-ties (as evidenced by my crude temporary fix for the corner light) and went to go join the other two at our meeting spot.

After the Legacy left, the '99 RS stuck around a little longer so we found more roads to hoon around on.  Had a great time drifting corners and watching the black RS in my rearview mirror handle things in a similar fashion (many times, better than I).  He made his way back to Iowa afterwards and I took some back roads back home, plotting courses for the next run of gravel roads I'd like to hit.  It's funny, as I seem to be running out of good asphalt routes, there's somehow an abundance of great Gravel routes I've been finding!  Should be a fun summer of cruises for both rally enthusiasts and garage queens alike.

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