Tuesday, February 4, 2014

RS Revival - Kouki Headlights

One of the recurring themes in this 2.5 RS project car is replacing broken / beat up parts with newer or even upgraded parts.  KYB Struts, Aluminium Control Arms, JDM STi Version 2 interior, they all were a step higher than the part that was previously in there.  The same can be said when the headlights were replaced today.  The originals, while the glass was still intact, had broken clips and housings.  They were all held in either by zip-ties or witchcraft until they were replaced with JDM Kouki glass headlights and clear corner markers. 

I actually figured the glass headlights would be just like the OEM ones, but they're a little different.  They've even got "SUBARU" printed in the glass on the front, for optimal light projection, of course.

They were installed as the snow was starting to fall here in Omaha, so it'll be nice to have things together as it hoons about later tonight after we've had a few inches.  The new lights bolt up just fine and look great!  Haven't tried 'em out at night yet to see if there's any noticeable difference.  The rest of the body might still not be in the best of shape, but piece by piece this RS is starting to look a little better.  ...and DRIVE a little better, too!

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