Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Storm Nika

Week after week, the snowstorms missed Omaha... but not yesterday!  Nearly half a foot of blowy white stuff invaded the area, leaving most motorists frustrated and annoyed.  However, a few of us with All-Wheel Drive managed to make a fun evening out of it!

Fellow Subaru owners got together and planned to meet at a few local wide-open parking lots to play in.  We took turns throwing the snow around with our cars, took some photos, and stayed warm inside our cabins.  The wind chill was pretty unbearable, so when you tried to talk to another driver, usually you rolled your window down a crack and pulled up next to 'em.  Photography was tough with all the blowing snow and the freezing temperatures killing battery life.  Night shots were especially tricky with blowing snow making it tough to hold even a tripod still for long-exposure shots.  I managed to get a few decent ones, but there were other guys with cameras out there that looked like they might've gotten some nice shots.

Today, Omaha is cleaning up from yesterday.  I'm glad we were able to have our fun when we did, as most of it will be cleared by the evening.  It's a Wednesday, so I've still got the NSOC's Weekly Meet to look forward to.  We'll be sharing stories of what we did yesterday the whole night!

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