Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Approacheth

It's been an unseasonably snow-starved winter for Nebraska and, while most people would welcome this change, I couldn't be more upset by it.  So when weather forecasters are predicting snow for the next few days, well... lets just say not everyone is as stoked as I am.

There have been some massive snowstorms throughout the United States this winter.  I know there have been places that would cringe at the sight of one more snowflake falling... but Omaha has been ripped off all winter and this All-Wheel Drive maniac can't wait to go play in some fluffy white stuff.  It'll be the first snowfall of 2014... almost a full month into the year without any precipitation to speak of.  So while other parts of the country might groan at the thought of more snow, I (and my other Subaru brethren) welcome it with open arms!  C'mon, Mother Nature.  It's about time you reminded Nebraska of what season it is!!

Another reason I'm excited is because there's a gravel cruise planned for this weekend.  It'd be nice to have snow in the mix for that route, since folks who are inclined to go play in the dirt are more than eager to go out and play in the snow as well.

Still, forecasts called for snow on January 31st at 7am and, as of this morning, we still haven't seen a flake.  The bands of snow on target to pass through the area keep breaking up while all the "good stuff" slips by to the south.  There must be too many Front-Wheel-Drive owners praying for dry conditions.

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