Tuesday, January 7, 2014

'15 STI Photos!

Ahhh it's good to see the STI toting it's signature colors: World Rally Blue with Gold wheels.  Props to my buddy Colin for sharing these.

While I can't say I'm surprised, despite how many good photoshop attempts there were to show the 2015 WRX in an "STI" format, these photos of the real thing are sure nice to have.  The only surprise for me is the spoke pattern on the new wheels.  Figured they'd be much more busy.  Certainly a fan of how these ones look, though!

The bigger news is still on it's way, though.  January 14th can't get here fast enough to deliver all the ooey gooey details that enthusiasts have been debating over since news of this new model broke out.  There's a lot of questions in need of answers concerning the powertrain on the 4th Generation WRX STI.

This is showing the "Launch Edition" colors on the STI, which is part of one of the packages for the new model.  Interior is supposed to have blue accents and trim, which I expect to be reminiscent of the older STI interiors.  I have yet to see interior photos, so I'm personally very interested in seeing how this will come along.  Included in the package are the 18" BBS Gold Wheels, though I'm not sure what the wheel option for the normal STI will be at this point.

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  1. Thank you (and your buddy Colin) for the pics!