Tuesday, January 14, 2014

STI & Travis Pastrana

I just watched the live feed from Detroit on the new WRX STI unveiling and, like many fans, I have mixed feelings about this.  At the top of those mixed feelings are the big question marks still surrounding this vehicle, especially in terms of it's engine.  Driving Sports TV has confirmed that it's specs are identical to the 2013’s EJ257.  It should be the same engine and turbo setup: bore (99.5mm), stroke (79mm), compression (8.2:1), max boost (14.7 PSI), peak horsepower (305 at 6,000 rpm) and peak torque (290 lb.-ft at 4,000 rpm).  Also, Subaru says that the transmission now features "triple-cone synchros on 1st and 2nd and a double-cone on 3rd to ease shifting effort and reduce noise and vibration."  There's more info on their take on their website.

However, there's still plenty to be excited about from this unveiling.  The exclusive "Launch Edition" WRX STI that will feature the iconic WR Blue, Gold Wheels, and a blue-trimmed interior will be limited to 1000 units.  

Also, the announcement of the return of Travis Pastrana has me personally excited.  Looks like Subaru will be running two cars again for the Rally America series with returning champion David Higgins staying with the team and the addition of Travis to the series.  It could be to help develop the new 4th Generation WRX STI at a faster pace with two cars running the same stages as opposed to the one-car focus that Vermont Sportscar had done the past two years.

Enthusiasts will both love and complain about the fact that a tried-and-true EJ remains in the STI, that much is true.  Still, the return of Travis to rallying and a throwback "Launch Edition" should make things exciting for this year with Subaru!

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