Sunday, November 24, 2013

WRX in Action (Updated)

Saw this video at the Unveil on Wednesday and couldn't seem to find it until now.  Excited to see the WRX still handles dirt just as well as it handles asphalt.

Mixed reactions on the bodystyle are expected, but I'm more excited to see how it drives.  If it's anything like what we've seen in the unveil, it's gonna be a blast! That Torque-Vectoring system, and limits under steer and wheel slippage, should make things pretty fun!  Video link is after the jump.

EDIT:  Click here for Digital Brochure Link


  1. Man, I like it! Just wish I could afford one!

  2. I just wish I could get over how much they screwed the design up. Now it looks similar to a dozen other cars out there. Glad I bought my STi in '11.