Friday, November 22, 2013

Wednesday Wheelin

Had some GREAT turnout for this last week's meet on Wednesday.  Every week at 6pm a buncha Subarus pull up to the dealership and this week... "a buncha" meant 15, which is quite the feat for a weekly meet.  Usually we have between 3 and 5 cars, so I was pretty excited to see triple the usual turnout.

There was an interesting mix of cars there, too.  Mostly 3rd Generation Imprezas and WRXs... and mostly hatchbacks for that matter.  There were some older models mixed in, a '98 Legacy, '00 RS, and an '02 Forester as well as a newer '13 Legacy (ironically, all Silver) that made it out, too.  Once we left the dealership, we decided to get food at a local Chinese Buffet and lined 'em up in the lot there.  We choose a different location to go get food every week, so it's nice to change things up.  

Usually we don't enjoy turnout of this size unless it's the warmer summer months, so I was pleasantly surprised to see such a strong showing despite the colder weather.  I already look forward to Wednesday Evenings thanks to this meet, but it's nice to get a surprise with turnout like this.  Met some new folks and reconnected with long-time friends.  Just an all-around good time... and just the reminder this group needed.

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