Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Unveil Time!

I''ll update this post as more information becomes available.  Live feed starting at 12:30 CST link is >>HERE<<

10:30am CST - We're 2 hours away from it, but we've got a sneak peek at whats under those veils.  Crystal White Pearl and either a Dark Gray or Black one in the background.  Both are WRXs, no STi at this point.  Looking mean!

11:30am CST - Pictures have been flying around earlier today.  Just thought I'd update with links to those.  Photos are of a WRX Limited in Lightning Red.  Interior photos with a decent shot at what the seat design will be.  Also a video walkaround of that white one pictured above.

12:30 CST - WRX unveiled!  Fooled me, thought it'd be the white one pictured above.  The unveiled WRX is the Lightning Red format, which was also right next to the Legacy Concept.  The new 2015 Legacy will come out summer of 2014, so we'll probably see the unveil of that redesign in the Spring, much like when we saw the WRX Concept this past year.

Styling notes aside, there's a lot more under the hood on this.  While HP has only increased to 268, torque takes a bump to 258.  There are also carbon mesh synchros on 1st and 2nd gear that are a welcome improvement in this new 6-speed Manual Transmission.  Oddly enough, the SI-Drive in the WRX is only available in the High-Torque CVT option (automatic), but from the demonstration video, there looks to be plenty of fun to be had in this car.  Exhaust note sounds nice, too!

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