Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ponca Meet-Up

Met with some RS owners up in Sioux City, IA the other day!  It's great meeting folks taking care of their GC8s and doing some neat stuff with 'em.  I knew one of them through the NSOC, but the other guy I actually knew of on RS25.com and realized it was him upon seeing his car.  He's got a distinctive rear-view mirror setup that I've yet to see on another Impreza.  We talked cars for about an hour or so and then went for a trip to Ponca State Park across the river.  Those have got to be the curviest roads I've ever seen!!  It was great getting a guided tour of this little slice of heaven.

It was also kinda funny lining up the cars "raising the bar".  From wingless to the sedan wing to the taller coupe wing, it's the largest collection of GC8s I've seen so far... and I'd like to change that.  There's a few other 1st Generation Imprezas around town and it'd be neat to get 'em together for a meet.

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