Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Higgins/Drew take Championship!

Spoiler Alert for folks who have been on the edge of their seat for the last episode of Launch Control, but David Higgins and Craig Drew along with the Vermont Sportscar team for SRT USA have done it again!  

This is their third straight victory for the Rally America series with this team, but 2013 was no walk in the park.  Rival Ken Block returned this year and had a season-long dogfight with the Subaru team, but the wins were inconsistent.  At first, the Hoonigan team for Ford struggled with mechanical issues.  They came back strong in the tail end of the season, placing 1st on the podium time and time again.  Higgins and Drew kept things consistent while battling adverse conditions. From making up time with a mechanical issue at Susquehannock Trail Rally to getting run over by a medical team trying to assist him at Ojibwe, the season was far from easy.  A toe-to-toe battle in the last event of the season would decide everything.  In the end, Higgins found a familiar place at the podium to take the Championship.  Subaru Rally Team USA has won this event 3 times in a row... and to add to the Holy Trinity, all 3 of the winning vehicles for the Rally America series were WRX STi Vermont Sportscar machines.  October 20th wasn't just a good day for David Higgins, but for Subaru across the board.  It's all we'll drive ...and for good reason!

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