Friday, February 2, 2018

Higgins & Pastrana RC Cars

Several years ago Subaru teamed up with HPI for a limited release of Rallycross RC cars.  Bucky Lasek and Sverre Isachsen got 1/18th scale Micro RS4 all-wheel drive RC cars that were (and still are) a blast to play with.  So when I got an e-mail from Subaru about a similar set featuring Higgins Blue and Pastrana Red, I knew I had to place an order!

They're listed as having All-Wheel Drive, Four-Wheel Independent Suspension, Shock Absorbers, 100m control distance, and all metal gears.  The box art also has a "Waterproof" logo depicted, which would be fitting for rally cars!

The photos of these are clearly not of the actual product.  A quota of 2000 orders needs to go through before they start rolling these out, but the specs given and the computer-generated images seem promising.  1/18th Scale (identical to the previous run with Isachsen and Lasek's cars), these Subarus are depicted with their SRT USA Liveries from 2017.  The car specifications sound incredibly similar to a Micro RS4 car to begin with, including the identical battery size, transmitter frequency, and dimensions, but that could simply be due to the fact that they're the same scale.  The CGI Box image supplied doesn't give any clues as to who actually produced either of these products either, so it's anyone's guess as to what RC Car company is building these.

Each RC car retails for $101.30 Per Car and a Pre-Order window is only available until February 12th.  They're listed to be shipped on August 5th of 2018, so there's a hefty wait time for these to be produced and released.  Still, for the diehard Rally fan, these are something worth waiting for!

Currently these are only available to order as an employee of Subaru (you'd have an e-mail from Subaru about these with a link).  However, the previous run of HPI RC Cars for Bucky and Sverre were open to the public a few months after the initial pre-order period.  Keep an eye out for these becoming available to order in Spring of 2018!

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