Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pint-Sized Viking Warrior

IMG_2594Earlier this year, I reported on a special run of HPI Racing Micro RS4 RC Cars of Sverre Isachsen's and Bucky Lasek's 2013 GRC cars.  Well, one has arrived at my doorstep (finally!) so I had to take it out and get some pictures of this fun little car!  I went for Sverre's car simply because A: he won more events last year and B: I'm a sucker for Blue.

While I haven't tried it out on any dirt, this car is impressively quick on concrete.  On top of that, it's surprisingly durable, especially considering my n00b-tastic RC driving skills.

From what I can tell, the Subaru/Puma partnership for their GRC team has switched over to purely a Subaru-sponsored team for the 2014 season, so it's nice to have a little slice of Zombie Cat history before they split up.  I only wish they made more of these WRX STI bodies.  They are featured on HPI Racing's website, but as far as I can tell, these aren't available for public purchase.  I managed to nab mine through a limited run offered through Subaru, so I'm pretty happy I did!

This car is really fun to drive and there's tune-up parts to modify the chassis, too.  I'll probably just keep it stock and tool around with it at local Subaru meets.

Hopefully these aren't the last of the Subaru designs for HPI, as it'd be great to see the new '15 design or even other variations of this design to drive alongside with!

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  1. I dig the Toy, How about a larger version? I've cloned that car on my every day driver, a 2013 WRX. Im toying with the idea of selling it, adult owned, dealer maintained, never raced or tracked. Feel free to email me at for details and pics of my Zombie Cat Clone