Saturday, January 28, 2017

RallyX Prep w/ Flatout Suspension

My new rallycross car that I picked up back in August has been a great replacement and encouraging blank sheet to work with as I start to transform it to a podium-hunting dirt-slinging machine.  This bone-stock Impreza 2.5 RS was well cared for and has been a solid car so far.  While still mostly stock, I used it to compete in the remaining NRSCCA Rallycross events for the 2016 season and was able to keep up with the other Prepared AWD class competitors with it.  However, it was obvious there were improvements that it needed to give it an edge to really throw the bones!

During the off-season, I focused on research for a new set of suspension to replace the 152k-mile OEM suspension still on the car.  From KYB AGX adjustable struts to STI Suspension to King Springs, I was trying to find a set that would be aggressive enough to compete with but would also be compliant enough to drive as a daily.  While I read through all my options, Flatout Suspension came up.  The description of their RX46/50 Rallycross Coilovers met exactly what I was looking for, so I focused more research on those.

In my initial searches for more information, I didn't find a lot of encouraging things to read.  A lot of criticism had been surfacing from rally forums about a lack of details provided by the company.  While reading through a lengthy post on DI Rally about them, I was about ready to drop the idea of using Flatout Suspension in the first place.  Finally, after 54 worrying posts about the credibility and quality of these products, Flatout Suspension chimed in to answer questions and end the speculation. A little transparency went a long way in this case, especially with the technical-minded rallyists who are critical to ensure their finances are well spent on good reliable products.

I'm now under the 1-month mark for preparing things with my Rallycross car for competition.  The first event of the 2017 NRSCCA Rallycross season is on February 26th and I've got a laundry list of things to complete.  Once the new rallycross coilovers from Flatout arrive, I'll be installing those along with some stainless steel brake lines and start testing on back roads to dial things in and make adjustments if needed.  There's also a set of winter tires that I'll likely race on for the first couple of events as Nebraska winters tend to last into April.  This set will also relieve my chewed-up IndySport SG rallycross tires for a few events before the weather warms up.  I might even have enough funds to get a new set of rallycross tires to replace these by the time things warm up.

Once that's all wrapped up, I should have a pretty grippy setup for Rallycross on this Impreza.  I still miss my rumbly Unequal Length Headers from my old RS, but that stuff won't make me any quicker.  Those changes will come later in the season hopefully.  I'm excited to see how the new Flatout Suspension Coilovers improve my times this season!

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