Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Rallycross Super Weekend

There's a double-header of rallycross action in Nebraska this weekend!  Saturday and Sunday (16th &17th of April) will be packed with opportunities for seat time.  The Nebraska Region SCCA is holding a Rallycross School during the day on the 16th that will let new drivers get some experience alongside veteran drivers instructing and giving advice as they go through the course.

After the Rallycross School, there's a Twilight Rallycross!  As the sun sets on the course, we'll still be goin strong dodging cones in the dark with nothing but our headlights and glow-stick-equipped cones to help us!  We don't get to do many rallycross events like this, so it's a unique experience that's pretty different from your regular daytime rallycross events.

Speaking of regular daytime rallycross events, the next day we'll b e at it again.  Sunday is a Points event for the NRSCCA Rallycross program and we'll be back to slinging dirt like normal on that day!  Plus, the NRSCCA is providing Lunch and Dinner on Saturday and Lunch on Sunday, so you can afford to stick around for hours of fun in the dirt.  So, between the Rallycross school, the twilight rallycross, and the points event... there's plenty of time to get dirty this weekend!

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