Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hyper Blue Around the World

In Summer of 2015, Subaru announced the Series.Hyper Blue WRX STI and BRZ as a limited edition color.  The US Market received 500 BRZ Limited models and 700 WRX STI models appointed with a racing pastel Blue color, black badges and wheels, and interior trim to match.  It's a spot-on match with the blue that Subaru Rally Team USA uses for their logos and the #75 car with Higgins and Drew at the helm.  While the Hyper Blue also made its way on to the new 2016 Subaru Crosstrek as an available color, other parts of the world also got to cash in on this bright blue color that you might not know about.

Around the same time as the US release, the boys and girls down under got an even-more-limited run of Hyper Blue offerings.  Australia received 50 BRZs in a manual and automatic, 50 WRX STIs, and 200 WRX Premium CVT models for a total of 300 in this distinctive color.  While the exterior features and interior upholstery are nearly identical to the US models, the options and offerings are a tad different.  The same can be said for the "Hikari" Edition Subarus released in Canada.  Nearly identical to the Series.HyperBlue, they account for another 100 BRZs and 200 WRX STIs bringing another 300 to North America.

Outside of the US, Canada, and Australia, Hyper Blue can be found on the Crosstrek in other countries, but not in a format for the WRX STI and BRZ... and not with the badging, wheels, or interior changes.  At 1,800 total vehicles in the world that are set up like this, it's a rare find.  Outside of their good looks, they still run and drive just like any other BRZ, WRX, or WRX STI so there's no performance gains to be had from these special edition models.  Unlike other limited-edition runs of cars like this, the Hyper Blue models are not numbered from the factory and don't have any "Series.HyperBlue" or "Hikari" markings to distinguish themselves outside of the aesthetic changes, but that stand-out color is plenty to set them apart.

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