Thursday, February 19, 2015

Strömung Exhaust - '00 2.5 RS Coupe

IMG_4845 IMG_4854
As preparations for the 2015 NRSCCA Rallycross season come to a head for my Impreza RS Coupe, there's a bit of boxer rumble in the air.  That's because we've fitted a Strömung Axleback Exhaust to this project car and it sounds brilliant!  While it certainly won't help with better times or quicker cornering, this car sounds like a Subaru again.

The exhaust was found through Boxer4Racing.  With the help of Russ' Garage and a mid-pipe from Aki's GC4, we bolted up the new system and fitted COBB 15mm Hangers to secure it into place, as the stock hangers were too flimsy and loose to grab hold of the new shiny Strömung axleback.

This exhaust really lives up to it's name.  Strömung literally means "flow" and you can hear and feel it while you're driving.  The spirited driving I did around town with it is only a prelude to what I'm hoping to hear with the aggressive cone-dodging coming up this weekend, so I'm really looking forward to kicking up dirt with that smooth yet distinctive growl!  I'll be adding a video with the exhaust note once I figure out a half-decent way to capture the sound on this page for reference.

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