Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Preparing for Chili Bowl!

The first Rallycross event for the NRSCCA is fast approaching, so my revived RS is getting prepared for the start of the 2015 season.  There's still a few changes in store, a few adjustments to be made, but I'm more than just excited to go hit the dirt like I was last year.  This season will take the RS and it's silly owner (me) to a new level.

I started off the new year by becoming a Member of the SCCA.  Plans are to attend all 6 Rallycross events this year and be more involved with the organization.  I still have a lot to learn, but another key component to that involvement is some guidance from veteran drivers in the area.  Last year, I learned SO much just from sharing a car with a fellow RS owner and Subaru Enthusiast.  I quickly discovered that the car was not limiting success... but my abilities as a driver.

For the first event of the 2015 Season, the guy driving that Impreza in the video above will be co-driving with me.  Jon Simmons has competed at the National level for SCCA Rallycross before and was very involved with the NRSCCA Rallycross and Autocross programs.  On top of his work behind the wheels, Jon also started the Nebraska Subaru Owners Club in 2003 and has owned an impressive lineup of Subarus, so he's no stranger to these cars.  I'm excited for the chance to share the wheel of a car I've been working on with him!

The event is this Sunday, so I'll be buttoning up things on the RS on Thursday to get it all squared away.

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