Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New STI "Impressive" at Sno*Drift

DSC_5758_WebOn January 30th and 31st, only one team sat atop the list of times for the 17 snow and ice covered stages of the Sno*Drift Rally in Michigan.  David Higgins, Craig Drew, and Subaru Rally Team USA owned every slippery inch of the rally, starting off the 2015 Rally America season with first place points.  Winning Rallies (or Championships for that matter) is nothing new for this team, but the car that did it today was fresh out of Vermont Sportscar's garage: the brand-new 2015 Subaru WRX STI.  With that in mind, having such a successful and problem-free weekend at one of the most challenging events of the season is quite the accomplishment in itself!

David Higgins put it perfectly.

"It's really impressive to run a full race with a brand new car and not have any problems or setup changes whatsoever. It's a testament to Vermont SportsCar’s attention to detail and preparation."

The team will head to Missouri on the 27th and 28th this month for the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood to put this new car to the test once again.  We'll see if the performance at Sno*Drift was Beginners Luck or if this car really is the next best thing!  Last year, the 100 Acre Wood wasn't a high point in the #75 car's season.  Plus, if Ken Block makes his usual appearance at his favorite event, it should be a fun battle between Ford and Subaru again.

de60c91a9450560ec2c2337210725c235949cc15Sno*Drift 2015 wasn't just a shining debut for SRT USA's latest ride.  The new STI was joined at the podium with familiar company.  The top five spots at Sno*Drift went to teams toting that familiar Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.  Nick Roberts, Lauchlin O'Sullivan, Garry Gill, and Peter Fetela all piloted their Subarus to victory through Michigan's icy back roads!

Over this same weekend, Winter Storm Linus passed over the Midwest.  Omaha-area forecasters underestimated this storm, as the 2-3 inch predictions were smashed by nearly 10 inch reports in some areas.  As such, a few of my buddies and I had a great time enjoying the snow in a similar fashion to the rallying that took place further north in Michigan. 

It was truly a Subaru weekend with rally heritage shining strong!

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