Monday, December 2, 2013

WRX Spotted!

There's a 2015 WRX in Crystal White Pearl wandering around California that KelvinBRZ of the FT86Club forums happened to stumble upon.  Manufacturer plates on the back, likely the Premium trim one we saw in the Walkaround Video during the launch on the 20th.

It's neat seeing someone spot one out in the wild.  When asked if it "looked better in person", KelvinBRZ said this:
"It definitely caught my eye when I glanced in the general direction. The front definitely looks very aggressive, but the back doesn't stand out as much IMO. It definitely looks better in person (well the front does at least)"
 Good to hear photos aren't quite doing it justice.  I actually thought the BRZ looked better in person than in photos when it was initially released, so I'm not surprised to hear a similar diagnosis with the new WRX.

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