Sunday, December 8, 2013

Let it Snow

Got the first snowfall of the year, as I don't count the crummy ice/sleet mix we got a few weeks ago.  Figured it was more than appropriate to go have some fun in the RS.

Last winter I had fun in my '12 Impreza Hatchback, but that's an automatic.  Things are a little different on snow in the RS with a Manual Transmission, not to mention a car that's a little more rally-inspired.  I made sure to take a more scenic route while running errands.
After a full morning of blasting through snow, I realized you couldn't tell what kinda car it was from behind.  To let my fellow motorists know how a little coupe was having a ball in this weather, I wrote in an explanation on the trunk.  Should clear up the confusion.

Winter Storm Dion dropped snow on more than just this area.  Snowfall stretched from the midwest into the northeast, so it's been fun seeing other friend's adventures in snow.  Below are photos of some of my fellow Subaru owners who got out in this weather for some fun!

If you enjoyed the snow as much as we did, feel free to share a photo!

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