Tuesday, May 28, 2013


One of my co-workers is always joking "Quick!  Blog about it!" and I'm tired of correcting him that I don't have a Subaru blog.  Well, today that changes.  This is "All We'll Drive", where I'll share pictures, stories, and other goodies about these fantastic cars that I'm head-over-heels about.  

First, a bit of how I got into Subaru.  Gotta blame it all on a good friend of mine giving me a ride to a restaurant in his '02 WRX.  I was pretty naive and didn't know much about Subarus back then, so it was an eye opening experience.  The rumble of the 2.0 liter turbocharged boxer, the grip it had when he whipped it around corners, and all the while having plenty of room for our junk in the hatchback.  Fun with function... it just made sense to me.  I knew what my next car would be at that point.

In 2012 I finally got my own Subaru: a '12 Impreza 2.0i 5-Door.  I couldn't afford a WRX at the time, but I don't really regret that issue.  It's been plenty of fun to drive and I've got all sorts of crazy plans for it, some of which I've already done!  Pretty much since I got my Impreza, I've been an active member of the Nebraska Subaru Owners Club in attending and planning events.  There are so many great people associated with these cars that have made it easy for me to really get hooked into this "car culture" around them.  As a result, some of my friends took notice of my enthusiasm for these cars and, after I "sold" them on it, they went back to the dealership where I had bought mine to pursue their own.

Late in the summer of 2012, I was up at the dealership where I had purchased my Impreza getting an oil change and was just talking with the salesmen up there.  They all knew me, knew I had sent them customers, and there was an opening for a sales position there.  I applied for it, got the job, and have been selling Subarus with them since September of that year.  Now all the folks I had told about these vehicles have been coming to me for their new and used Subarus and I couldn't be more proud to get them hooked just as I was.  One of my best friends was my very first sale in a 2013 Legacy.  My second was to my mother for her new 2013 Outback.  Eventually even my dad turned to the Subaru side with a 2014 Forester.  Friends and Family have been extremely supportive and I get the pleasure of working with them pretty much every month since I started working as a salesman.

Somewhere between selling cars and doing events with the NSOC, I still manage time for other hobbies and things.  I play music gigs around town with various bands, I organize outdoor laser tag games with friends and colleagues, and I go on adventures with my Fiance... most of which all involve my Impreza driving me around somewhere.  It's a bulldog in the snow, it's averaging 33mpg, and there's a reason I've just fallen in love with these cars in general.  

For me, my family, and my friends, it's All We'll Drive.

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