Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blank Canvas

This is my 2012 Impreza 2.0i 5-Door.  It's a Base Model with a CVT and it's my first Subaru.  A year ago you'd be able to tell it was a normal Impreza, but flash forward to all the work I've done to it today, and it's a VERY different story!  Here's a list of what all has been done to it so far!
  • K&N Drop-in Filter
  • Grille Wings Repainted
  • Carbon Fiber Interior Accents
  • '05 WRX Rims & Swaybar
  • '11 WRX Rims
  • Pioneer AppRadio
  • Window Tint
  • SPT Catback Exhaust
  • BRZ Modified Exhaust
Items that have a strikeout through them have been replaced by other modifications.

I've had a lot of fun working on this car.  Doing my own maintenance on it has made this quite the hands-on learning experience as I familiarize myself with the car.  I'm also surrounded by folks that work on these vehicles, be it at the dealership or at local NSOC events that I frequent.   Gaining knowledge about these vehicles from them has been a lot of fun and, as I learn more, I think of more things to do with this car.  As a Base Model, it's pretty much a clean slate for me to work with.  Some of my ideas turn out to be pretty lofty, but because the news of the new WRX seems to indicate there won't be a 5-Door version offered, I'm even more driven to continue making this car uniquely mine!

It's already pretty unique for a N/A "econobox" to move this direction, so I'm quite proud of the fact that I'm doing things that generally haven't been attempted with this car.

Items still to come on my Impreza are RallyArmor UE mudflaps as well as side skirts from an Impreza Sport.  Then after those... who knows!

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