Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Why did Subaru stop making the Baja? - Video

Since I purchased my '06 Baja Turbo last month, I've been getting all kinds of questions about it.  Some people didn't know Subaru built this thing in the first plac, but the majority of the questions ask "Why don't they make the Subaru Baja anymore?"  I kind of assumed it just didn't sell well, but I wanted to know more myself.

After some digging, I found a laundry list of things plaguing the Baja's lifespan from start to finish.  It was interesting enough to me to learn how things played out that I wanted to share it, so here's an explanation of how things went for the short life of the Subaru Baja.  Feel free to chime in if I missed anything!


  1. Very interesting! Love the Baja! Yours is very nice!

  2. I talked to a dealer about this once, and part of the issue was the cost of manufacturing. There were some tricky welds and other issues with manufacturing the Baja, mostly related to the bed. While they weren't surprised it didn't sell as well as their other cars, this meant the bottom line looked worse than it would have otherwise.

    I've heard of wanting to bring the Baja/Brat design back, but I suspect they haven't worked out the manufacturing issues with a car with given lower sales numbers than others.