Tuesday, January 27, 2015

You should Rallycross!

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Whether you know it or not, at the heart of the Subaru in your driveway is a heritage paved in dirt.  Rally and Rallycross have been the staple motorsport for these cars for decades, so why not bring that out of your car?  If you have even an OUNCE of interest in motorsports with your Subaru, finding a local Rallycross to attend is probably the easiest and most accessible ways to have fun and get dirty!

What's Rallycross?   It's the most widespread and readily accessible form of extreme dirt motorsport. Drivers dodge cones through a course on an unpaved open lot running against the clock.  The reason I say it's accessible is because, unlike a full-on performance stage rally, roll-cages are not required.  You can literally take your daily driver to a Rallycross, borrow a helmet, and blast through the dirt!

Pictures off my iPhone from the Rallycross on June 15thThere are different classes organized by how many wheels get power and what kind of modifications are on the car.  It's not how fast the car is... it's how good of a driver you are!  Runs are timed and end results are made up of the total of multiple runs, not a single-best run like Autocross. Garage Queens need not apply!  That doesn't mean you'll trash your ride, but it's certainly going to be hard for those who keep their All-Wheel Drive beauties locked away in the winter or who park in the boonies of the grocery store lot.  Unless you're getting ultra-competitive and getting after it like a bandit, you can still dodge those cones and have fun with very minimal risk of damage to your car.  The most I've broken on my car in rallycross was an end link, and it was old and gross anyways.  Of course there's risk with anything, but there are safety stewards on-site to make sure the track is safe and to help out if there are issues.

IMG_9321InLikeALamb (6)In 2014, I was able to make it to 3 NRSCCA Rallycross events with my 2.5 RS Coupe.  Not only is it a lot of fun to throw this car around in the dirt, but I try to improve with each pass and get better as a driver.  It's also a lot of fun hanging out with the drivers, getting help and advice, but also the camaraderie of being with fellow Subaru owners, as the field of cars is usually full of them.  Many of us meet up in the morning to drive down to the site together.  So it's not only fun for the individual, but it's also a blast because of the people that are there.

Subaru is also an Official Contingency Sponsor of the RallyCross National Challenge for the SCCA.   Eligibility of the Subaru contingency is specific and pertains to certain classes in Rally.  Simply bring your Subaru to an event, put 3 "Subaru" stickers on it, drive it like you stole it, and get a cash prize if you finish in the top 3!

Many programs don't even require membership, just a quick fee, a waiver, and off you go!  Actually, starting off as a non-member is a great way to start off with these groups, as they usually discount membership fees if you've attended an event as a non-member before.  It's very easy, very accessible, and tons of fun! 

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