Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Spoiler for the '15 Hybrid

Last year, Subaru came out with their first Hybrid vehicle built around the XV Crosstrek.  For 2015, they've made minor changes to upgrade the infotainment system but they've also added an "aerodynamic rear spoiler" that supposedly improves gas mileage.  The new spoiler actually extends the current design of the hatchback with a glossy-black finish and a different center tail light design.  It's actually the same part found on the spoiler for the 2014 on up Foresters (XT, Limited, and Touring).

As this is the same hatch design as the current Impreza 5-door, this could also be applied to those models... Something I am admittedly interested in doing just for the look of a sleek spoiler.  I personally dislike the current optional spoiler offering, so I am slightly interested in potentially adding this to my '12 Impreza.  I've already got Hybrid LED Tail Lights on it, so why not continue the parts-stealing trend?  I'll look into installation options and post my findings later for those interested.

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