Thursday, January 1, 2015

LOTS of New for 2015!

It's 2015 and there's a LOT of new on the way!

To start things off, the dealership I work at has changed hands as of the New Year.  Stan Olsen Auto Group, after 63 years of business, has sold Volkswagen, Audi, Mazda, Hyundai, and Subaru to Baxter Auto Group as of January 1st.  Lots of changes come with that, but the team of service and sales men and women that I work with will remain.  I'm especially happy for that, as we've got a really great team together for Subaru.  We're all excited for the positive changes that are on the way, as there's a lot to look forward to!

imageComing up a little later in 2015 is another fun season of Rallycross.  Of course, the RS Revival is eager to hit the dirt once more.  More changes and improvements are lined up for this fun AWD Coupe but I'm also eager to improve as a driver.  In the last Rallycross event of the 2014 Season, I learned a great deal by co-driving with a fellow Subaru owner and rally enthusiast.  I quickly found out that this car is capable of much more if I get after it and attack each turn more aggressively.  Last year I was only able to attend four Rallycross events, so I hope to be able to make it to more in the 2015 season.

On the subject of Rally, Subaru is already jumping head-first into the Rally America and Global Rallycross seasons.  David Higgins and Craig Drew will continue to defend their dominating streak of Championships and Travis Pastrana and Chrissie Beavis will be nipping at their heels every step of the way.  They'll kick off the season at Sno-Drift in January.  Global Rallycross will likely get more familiar with the podium as Sverre Isachsen and Bucky Lasek get more competitive in this new sport.  All the while, the new 4th Generation WRX STI will be seeing lots of development as Subaru's new mainstay rally car.  Expect Season 3 of Launch Control to cover these teams in early Spring of 2015!

With the Nebraska Subaru Owners Club, there's more great events on the way!  We will kick off 2015 with a Gravel/Dirt cruise around some fun roads in Western Iowa.  As well as continuing our Weekly Meets at the dealership, we'll be planning another big meet in late winter or early spring.  The group continues to grow and attendance at meets has been growing steadily.  Should be another fun year hanging out with fellow owners and enjoying our cars together!

There's also more "new" stuff coming from Subaru.  Although there aren't any big redesigns like we had in years past, there are new Concept vehicles that are slated to be announced and all kinds of rumors circling around development of their 7-Passenger vehicle.  2015 will also see the last of the 4th Generation Impreza being released as a MY2016 model late in the Fall.  After that, the Impreza will be built in the United States at Subaru's plant in Indiana, so news of those changes may be trickling down the pipeline during the course of this year.

I'm as stoked as ever for all the new things coming for Subaru this year!  Should be a fun ride!

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