Tuesday, August 5, 2014

RS Revival: Weekend Work Pays Off

This past weekend, the project car really made quite a transformation!  The fresh paint on the front bumper was only the tip of the iceberg with the work put into this '00 RS Coupe.  The world-class hole that had rusted through the drivers-side floor pan got patched up, which meant a whole slew of things could happen to the interior!  After some Seam Sealer and some new undercoating, the new OEM carpet was able to go in!  The old one was gross and had some holes in it that would just allow more moisture and junk to get under the floor and cause more problems, so I cleaned the interior up thoroughly before installing it.

With the new floor in and the interior trim pieces making their way back into the car, there was one more "new" item to make its way into the RS.

I'll explain later this week why these awesome Version 2 STI seats are coming out of the RS.  It's a nice story, but for now, I'd like to show you what replaced them.  These are Version 6 STI seats and, from the bit of information I've managed to pick up, these are not "normal" seats.  Most of the Version 6 interiors had red bolsters on them while these ones have blue.  They're very similar to the Impreza P1 seats from the UK, but instead of saying "Prodrive" in the middle of the seat, there's the World Rally Team logo etched in alongside a "Subaru Tecnica International" logo.

The logos aren't in the best shape, as they seem to have fallen out over time.  Even the Version 2 seats (which are older) seem to have retained more of their stitchng.  Regardless, they look fantastic, they add that bit of "color" I think the car needed.

There's obviously more work to be had, from the engine to the rear quarters, but a lot of "new" has happened to the RS in a short amount of time and it's been wonderful to work on it!  More updates coming soon!

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